The dirty side of the job

Throughout my working life, I’ve had many different jobs. I’ve worked as a nightclub doorman, worked with in prisons and Immigration centres. These jobs gave me the skills of communication and negotiation and help me to this day. 

But whilst working these jobs I always felt a little bit like the bad guy. Telling people they couldn’t come to the club or helping to deport a family back to their home country. 

bailiffs Lock replacements

One of the reasons I love my job as a locksmith in Milton Keynes is that I can be the “good guy”. The guy that helps you resolve your problem. If it be getting you back into your home after being locked out or repairing your front door lock

But unfortunately, like with most jobs there is always a dirty side.

An element of my work is assisting bailiffs in changing locks on repossessed properties, moving unwanted guests from properties and securing them to prevent further entry. 

Unfortunately, we never know who we’re going to meet when we turn up to these properties. Sometimes it will be a drug addict other times a young family with seven children. 

My background and communication skills and, most importantly, an element of empathy come into play here. 

Sometimes I’m just a Locksmith in these situations but other times a second voice, communicating with the tenants who will be evicted. This can help them calm down. And assisting them with information that can help. For example, going to the local council for emergency accommodation or even on some occasions, a couple of pounds for the bus fare to get somewhere. 

Evictions and Bailiff work aren’t my preference. But unfortunately, it’s a part of the job. The dirty side of the job. 

If you require a locksmith to help you secure your property in Milton Keynes or surrounding areas please contact me on 0808 166 00 50 or contact us here 

Dan Garside

GPM Locks