GPM Bournemouth locksmiths

GPM Bournemouth locksmiths are a trusted family run locksmith company that take pride in offering an expert service which is also friendly, reliable and above all efficient. Our locksmiths who are based with in Bournemouth are professionally trained and have accomplished at least 5 years in their chosen field of expertise.

 Bournemouth locksmiths

Bournemouth locksmiths

We have at our disposal the latest technology allowing our mobile workforce not only lock replacement services on site but also key cutting service on site. This latest technology allows us to sort out your lock or key problems in as short a time as possible. In order to offer our services at reasonable rates we operate a no call out charge system. If you would like a security check our locksmiths in Bournemouth can offer this service for free. Our security check will determine if your security will meet current insurance requirements. For more information call 0808 16 600 50  Free today!

Here at GPM Bournemouth locksmiths  we love to here about how our customers found the service we provided. Reviews can be found on the GPM Locks Facebook page and on the review page here on this website!





GPM Bournemouth Locksmiths offer FREE home security checks.

Bournemouth Locksmiths

Bournemouth Locksmiths

Our Locksmiths in Bournemouth can give you information on how to make your home more secure and prevent the burglar from entering your home.

Our Bournemouth Based Locksmith will advise you on not only the best locks but also what other systems can be put in place to make your home and business more secure.

Call today for your FREE home security check 0808 16 600 50

Free Bournemouth locksmiths security check

Free security check

 Free home security check

Allow GPM Bournemouth Locksmiths to put your mind at ease with the FREE GPM SECURITY CHECK We will advice you on your weak points of entry at your home or business and check your current locks free of charge. Having incorrect locks can void your insurance and could be very costly to you in the future! Call free on 0808 16 600 50 today!

GPM Bournemouth locksmiths also offer a double glazing repair service.

  • Replacement Locking Mechanisms – We fit and supply all the main mechanisms on the market and aim to repair your door with in 24 hours. we will always leave your door secure if we need to wait for a part so your home will always remain secure
  • Hinges – If you are struggling to shut your door or window the answer may be to replace the hinges.
  • Misty glass replacement – See more clearly with our replacement misty glass service Replacement
  • Locks/Cylinders – Sometimes keys go missing or fall into the wrong hands. We can replace your old locks and fit you new ones with fresh keys.
  • Snap-locks to doors – High security locks are a great part of building the security of your property.
  • Letter boxes – Wind blowing your letter box open? maybe its time to replace the old with the new
What we have to offer

  • No call out charge
  • Free security check
  • Discount for OAP’s
  • For advice and information call us on 0808 16 600 50


  • 0808 16 600 50
  • No call out charge
  • 24 hour and 7 days a week service
  • Fast response and professional service

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