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GPM Bedford Locksmiths can help you with all your lock related problems in your home and also your business. Call 01234 731362. today to talk directly with a locksmith in Bedford. In addition to calling another way you can contact us is via Email

Locked out? Lock changes, Lock repairs. Our Bedford Locksmith can help!

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Bedford Locksmiths

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Bedford Locksmiths

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Bedford Locksmiths

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Here at GPM Bedford Locksmiths we operate around the clock, seven days a week to solve  your lock problems.  Especially Relevant we guarantee all of our rates to be competitive and we are police checked.


We can repair or replace all types of locks. Most noteworthy Including YALE, MORTISE and DIGITAL locks. Our team of professional, reliable locksmiths in Bedford have the latest in mobile technology at their disposal to replace your KEYS on site, consequently keeping both time and fuss to a minimum. Because we are also uPVC repair experts we can repair your double glazed doors and windows rather then replacing your doors and windows

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Bedford Locksmith

Bedford locksiths

For Almost 10 years Gpm locks have been helping the people of Bedford with their broken locks, getting into the properties after they’ve been locked out, boarding up their broken glass pains and repairing there double glazed doors and windows.

We take pride in every job that we complete in Bedford and look forward to continually serving the people of Bedford for years to come! Call us today to find out about our services.


All our Bedford locksmiths are police checked for your peace of mind.

Bedford Locksmiths

Bedford Locksmiths

All of our Bedford locksmiths are highly trained and especially relevant have learned their craft with on the job experience with other locksmiths.

GPM Bedford Locksmiths are all checked by the Police. As a result giving you peace of mind.

So if you are in need of a reliable Locksmith in Bedford seems like you should give us a call!

GPM Locks Bedford  01234 731362.


We can help with all of this and much more!


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Want to make the burglars job harder? 

Why not let us perform a security check on your property and give you FREE advice on how you can improve the security of your home or business.

What we do:

  • Check all your locks are up to insurance standards
  • Advice on improvement locks
  • Demonstrate weak points in your home security
  • Give valuable advice on other security measures that could be take to prevent an intruder

We have no call out charge and operate a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service. Call us on 01234 731362

What makes a good locksmith?

I’m often asked, “How did you become a locksmith?” “How long have you been doing it for?” And “Do you need any qualifications to be a locksmith?”   These three questions can be put together into one broad one. What makes a good locksmith?   Firstly A “good” locksmith is only as good as there last job. If they complete 10 jobs to an excellent standard and the 11th job is completed very badly they are a bad locksmith.   In my experience it takes 100 jobs to get a good reputation and 1 bad job to get a bad reputation. So… Consistency. This is one of the first things that make a good locksmith.  Always finishing the job to a high standard. Even if it ends up costing you money. Customer satisfaction is key!   So back to the three questions. How did you become a locksmith? For me I was educated in the trade by a family member. But others learn on a course. But just like driving a car, you don’t truly learn till you’re out there on your own trying to do the job. The lock out in the dark and rain at 3am springs to mind. There is no one to call for support and you have to crack on and get the job done!   So the “how” isn’t as important as you may think. Anybody with common sense can pick up the very basics in a few weeks but it takes a lot of jobs to become a locksmith.   How long have you been doing it for? I’ve been just locksmithing for... read more

What to do if the worst happens? Home burglaries

We think it will never happen to us and the facts show that burglaries are Statistically down but what should you do if that shocking and for most people frightening thing happens. You walk through your front door and your world has been turned upside down. A stranger has broken into YOUR home and ransacked it. Draws emptied cupboards left open family jewellery taken. Your feel shock and anger. But your mission is to remain calm and deal with the situation in hand. First of all. If you are not sure if the intruder has gone and may still be in your home, leave and call the police. Don’t put yourself at risk. If you’re sure the property is empty contact the police. Don’t expect flashing blue lights to be there in minutes. So this will give you time to sort out a few other things. First of all DONT Touch anything. Don’t clean or tidy anything. Your home has become a crime scene and the police forensics team will need to gather evidence.   Use the time to try and carefully move around the property and try and see what is missing write a list ready for the police again leave everything where it is but try and visually look. You could also go and talk to your neighbors. They may have heard something. was there any unusual cars or people hanging around the area try to establish what time the incident may have happened by asking the people in your road. If you can have this information to hand when the police turn up it will make... read more
Anti Snap Locks

Anti Snap Locks

As of late, home-owners have been warned by various police forces to be increasingly aware of the vulnerability of the current locking mechanisms fitted in front doors. There has been a sharp rise in burglaries using the method of “Lock Snapping/Cylinder Snapping”, which requires no specialist tools or knowledge and the West Yorkshire Force (Euro Cylinder Burglary Developments) have revealed that 25% of current burglaries have been committed using this method of entry. As an example, the area of Kirklees, West Yorkshire, is now recording a third of all burglaries being committed with entry being this method, we suggest all home-owners read their Crime Prevention Advice. Lock snapping is a method which involves breaking the cylinder, meaning it is possible to work the lock to open. It is common place to believe that the fact your door has multiple points at which it locks, means that the door is secure, however it is imperative you realise that all locks are operated by the one cylinder making it the weakest point and if broken then all locks are effectively useless. Previously this problem has been restricted to the Yorkshire area in the main, however we are now seeing the method adopted further afield and police from many different areas giving warnings. See the Thames Valley Police for more information who are providing advice on the issue. Lock Snapping / Cylinder Snapping prevention. With all of the information now reaching us from local authorities, we can conclude that this is a real threat to homes all over the country. It is important that you are aware of this threat, it is... read more
Home security Advice – Fire or Burglar?

Home security Advice – Fire or Burglar?

Home security advice – Fire Or Burglar? GPM Locks Ltd have offered home security advice now for almost a decade. One of the key bits of information I like to tell everyone is how important it is to secure your home but also know how to get out in an emergency. Where do you keep your keys at night? Do you keep the keys kept in the same place?  Fire related figures. The majority of fires and fire-related fatalities in the UK are domestic. Last year (2014/15) 80% of all fire-related fatalities occurred in the home Last year saw 39,600 dwelling fires, 88% of which were accidental. Accidents happen, but ultimately, they are avoidable. –    In 31% of domestic fires there was no smoke alarm. –    In 19% of domestic fires a fire alarm was present, but it was not operational. Overall Cause of Death Many people wrongly assume that the prime cause of death from a fire is burning.  Death is mostly caused by inhaling the toxic fumes produced by the flames. Now, this is by no means saying that all of the reasons were because the person/s in the household could not find their keys, but a percentage will be. If you wake up in the middle of the night in a smoked filled room. Make your way to the door, but the door is locked! Having only seconds before you are over come by smoke. New house builds nowadays have a lot more safety precautions. However there are a lot of doors that still require their door to be locked by key from the inside. In... read more
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UPVC Repair Bedford

Upvc Door Repair Experts - GPM Bedford Locksmiths

Upvc Door Repair Experts – GPM locksmiths in Bedford
Problems locking or unlocking your upvc door? Our knowledgable & experience can diagnose the problem with your upvc door or window 
From being unable to open your door or not being able to lock it, our locksmiths have the skills and equipment necessary to restore your broken double glazed door or window to a high standard! We always provide an affordable, efficient and professional locksmith repair service you can count on in Bedford