Ruveno Smart Locks, Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

As a locksmith I am quite often asked about smart locks for the home. And although I still feel that smart locks for main front doors  have a long way to go before they’re going to be commonplace, there are still some great options for internal doors such as bedrooms, offices etc. 

I was asked by my wife recently if there was a way of putting a lock on the bedroom door to prevent an inquisitive eight-year-old from stealing her make up. When looking I had several different options such as traditional key locks but as someone that really enjoys gadgets I started to look into some of the more unknown key free smart locks on the market. I needed something that wouldn’t look too out of place on a bedroom door.
Due to the fact it didn’t need to be high security smart lock this opened up the possibilities.

Ruveno smart locks Installation

I came across the Ruveno range of smart locks coincidentally due to a customer asking me to install one on their bedroom door. They were having a similar situation to ourselves & needed to stop inquisitive children from rooting around in their bedroom.
I bought the lock on Amazon for £119.99. The reviews seemed very positive and the style of the lock is modern looking on a rose style handle.
Although I found it relatively easy to install, it could be tricky if you are not a competent DIYer. 
The lock is powered by 4AAA batteries. I can see that they should last for a relatively long amount of time due to his low energy usage. It also comes with a key override. I would recommend putting these keys somewhere safe but not in the room where the lock is situated.
Another thing to bear in mind. If you wanted to revert back to standard handle you may have some trouble to get a standard handle to sit right due to the hole you have to make for the cabling for this lock. When in any doubt I would recommend using a local professional locksmith.
GPM Locksmiths provide lock installation in and around the Milton Keynes area. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you. 

The App

Once the lock is installed you will have to download the app on your smart phone. The programming of the lock is relatively simple and reminds me of when you enter your fingerprint ID on your smart phone.
The app will prompt you to lift and then replace your thumb/finger several times to program. You can enter in as many different fingerprints as you like. Also you can set the lock to stay on passenger mode which means it will remain unlocked and can be used as a normal door handle. 
You can enter into the app specific times.  But what I have found is that because the handle does not have an internal clock it takes its timing from the phone app. So you have to be relatively close to the lock for it to understand it is now time to enter passenger mode.
You also have the facility on the app to send e keys to other people. 
This is great for if you want someone to enter the space such as a house guest for set time.  You are also able to revoke the E key and prevent them from entering.

To sum up

We’ve been using the lock now for around two months. So far I am impressed with this Lock. 
The fingerprint ID technology is of a good standard, styling although not unpleasant could be improved and the range of finishes such as making a brass or a highly polished chrome lock would also give customers more of a choice. An internal clock or link to the loacl wifi to keep the timings on the passenger mode would also help
As internal smart door handles go, I would rate this an 8 out of 10. 

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