uPVC repair

UPVC repair

Don’t replace your old doors and windows, repair and save ££££s

We can refurbish  your old double glazed doors and windows and make them like new

Handles – It may be broken or you may just want to give your door a bit of a face lift with a new handle

Misty glass replacement – See more clearly with our replacement misty glass service

Snap-locks to doors – High security locks are a great part of building the security of your property

Letter boxes – Wind blowing your letter box open? maybe its time to replace the old with the new

Replacement Locking Mechanisms – We fit and supply all the main mechanisms on the market and aim to repair your door with in 24 hours. we will always leave your door secure if we need to wait for a part so your home will always remain secure

Hinges – If you are struggling to shut your door or window the answer may be to replace the hinges

Replacement Locks/Cylinders – Sometimes keys go missing or fall into the wrong hands. We can replace your old locks and fit you new ones with fresh keys


upvc repair
upvc repair
upvc repair
upvc repair
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Quick Tip

Twice a year go around your property and spray silicone oil into your multi point lock. Start at the top of the door and spray into the first lock/hook and work your way down. As you do this gently lift the handle up and down, wipe down the length of the lock to get rid of any excess oil and be mindful that some may drip on the floor so please take precautions.

Repeat this action to all your doors and windows. take extra care with second story windows. There should be no need to hang out your window!

By “self servicing” your doors and windows you can help extend the life of your locks and help to delay replacing parts.