What to do if the worst happens? Home burglaries

What to do if the worst happens?
Home burglaries

We think it will never happen to us and the facts show that burglaries are

Statistically down but what should you do if that shocking and for most people frightening thing happens. You walk through your front door and your world has been turned upside down.

A stranger has broken into YOUR home and ransacked it. Draws emptied cupboards left open family jewellery taken. Your feel shock and anger. But your mission is to remain calm and deal with the situation in hand.

First of all. If you are not sure if the intruder has gone and may still be in your home, leave and call the police. Don’t put yourself at risk. If you’re sure the property is empty contact the police. Don’t expect flashing blue lights to be there in minutes. So this will give you time to sort out a few other things. First of all DONT Touch anything. Don’t clean or tidy anything. Your home has become a crime scene and the police forensics team will need to gather evidence.


Use the time to try and carefully move around the property and try and see what is missing write a list ready for the police again leave everything where it is but try and visually look.

You could also go and talk to your neighbors. They may have heard something. was there any unusual cars or people hanging around the area try to establish what time the incident may have happened by asking the people in your road.

If you can have this information to hand when the police turn up it will make their job a lot easier and help them bring the person to justice.


If your door/window has been broken or you have keys missing from your property you will need to arrange for a locksmith to come to your property to secure and change locks.

You can contact your insurance company and they may recommend someone but you do not need to use there recommended locksmith. They are normally

National companies that may take a long time to turn up. You are totally in your rights to contact a local locksmith in Milton Keynes to help you. GPM locks can normally be with you within 30 minutes. Please bear in mind it is important that the police forensics teams have taken fingerprints from around the doors and windows before the locksmith starts to repair the door or window. But if you call us to give us a rough ETA as to when the forensics team will be present we can arrange to be there shortly after to repair or secure your property.

Once the police have been and the forensics team has taken the evidence you will then be able to tidy up your property.

We would also recommend you allow us to give you a free home security check.

This can give you advice on what you can do to improve the security of your home and prevent something like this happening again please bear in mind that in the past people have been burgled on two separate times,  about six months after the first. The burglar knows that you have insured your belongings and that you have them all replaced within the next couple of months if you haven’t changed your locks they may have one of your keys that they stole and gain entry into your property!

This is why it is vital to change and upgrade your locks


What to do if the worst happens?   Home burglaries

What to do if the worst happens?
Home burglaries