As of late, home-owners have been warned by various police forces to be increasingly aware of the vulnerability of the current locking mechanisms fitted in front doors. There has been a sharp rise in burglaries using the method of “Lock Snapping/Cylinder Snapping”, which requires no specialist tools or knowledge and the West Yorkshire Force (Euro Cylinder Burglary Developments) have revealed that 25% of current burglaries have been committed using this method of entry. As an example, the area of Kirklees, West Yorkshire, is now recording a third of all burglaries being committed with entry being this method, we suggest all home-owners read their Crime Prevention Advice.

Lock snapping is a method which involves breaking the cylinder, meaning it is possible to work the lock to open. It is common place to believe that the fact your door has multiple points at which it locks, means that the door is secure, however it is imperative you realise that all locks are operated by the one cylinder making it the weakest point and if broken then all locks are effectively useless.

Previously this problem has been restricted to the Yorkshire area in the main, however we are now seeing the method adopted further afield and police from many different areas giving warnings. See the Thames Valley Police for more information who are providing advice on the issue.

Lock Snapping / Cylinder Snapping prevention. With all of the information now reaching us from local authorities, we can conclude that this is a real threat to homes all over the country. It is important that you are aware of this threat, it is not something to be afraid of, just simply something to take action to prevent. Fitting a Diamond Rated Anti Snap Lock with high security handles will reduce the risk of the cylinder being snapped greatly.

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