Working with the Police

Its been almost two years  since GPM Locks began working with the Police in helping them to secure properties affected by brake ins and also where the police have had to force entry into properties on welfare checks or warrants. We have been working closely with Rapid Secure, who holds the contract with many police authority with in the UK.

GPM Locksmiths get calls 24/7 and because we need to respond within the hour, we need to be ready!

When we turn up to the scene we never know what we may find. The area is often classed as a crime scene and we have to tread carefully as to not disturb anything.Locksmiths Milton Keynes


The police have to remain on site till we have secured the entry point. It is imperative that  we get on site and secure up asap therefore allowing the police officer  to leave the site and continue with their shift. We have now completed hundreds of jobs for the Police and hope to continue long into the future.   Locksmiths Milton Keynes

In conclusion GPM Locksmiths are who you need to call for emergency securing of your property


For more information about any of the services GPM Locks has to offer call 0808 16 600 50

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